American Marine & RV-ATV has a full service center for your boat engine and ATV mechanical needs. We have three full-time mechanics here to assist you.  We are dealers for Mercury, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Crestliner, River Hawk, Thunderjet, BeaverTail Mud Motors, and Premier Pontoon Boats.

Levi is our service manager and supervises the repair work done in both the Marine and the RV side of things. Levi has many years behind him in the service/repair of RV's of all makes and models and can pretty much figure out and fix anything that might be causing you trouble with your RV and get you back out enjoying the great outdoors asap!

Anthony has also been in the RV service/repair business for many years, he works alongside Levi and is a great asset to our team.

All of the mechanics have stick-to-it-iveness, and our company policy is to keep your repair costs as low as possible, communicating with you through the repair process. We guarantee the work we do, and we like to think that sets us apart here at American Marine & RV-ATV.

Steve, Kirt and Jonathan all work on the Marine side and together they have over 40 years in the Marine service and repair business, they know their stuff!

We are in this for The Long Haul, and we are grateful for your business!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

A: No, you don't. Until we investigate the issue, it can be hard to predict appointment times, so we have found it is best for our customers to bring in their boat at their convenience. In a nutshell, we work on repairs first come, first served.

Q: What are your rates?

A: We have a $30.00 minimum, and charge $85.00/ hour which is pro-rated accordingly.

Q: How long will my repair take?

A: Although the easy answer is, "That depends on the issue," we suggest you bring in your repair with plenty of time for us to evaluate and get the parts ordered. If you have a special trip or project planned, the sooner the better, just in case.

If it's something simple, such as an oil change, that does not take long at all.

Q: Should I winterize my boat?

A: YES!! Our harsh, cold winters have cracked many an engine block, causing thousands of dollars in repair costs. Unless you are POSITIVE that your boat motor is in a place where it won't freeze, we cannot recommend it enough, that you take the time to have this done!

Added Bonus!!!  If we winterize you boat, bring it back in the spring and we will "summarize" it for no additional charge!!!!

Another thought - make sure, if you have a friend do this for you, that they are an experienced mechanic. Again, we've had too many cracked blocks come across our paths, from a "friend" winterizing a boat. Let us do it for you - it's what we do!

Q: Do you run any specials?

A: Yes--we run a pretty popular special in the Fall with our Engine/Boat Winterizing Program. Depending on which engine you have, we have a deal where you bring it to us to Winterize (we put it to sleep for you), and the price includes bringing it back in the Spring, no charge, to wake it back up!

Q: Do you shrink wrap?

A: Yes, we do. Shrink wrapping is like plasti-sealing up the boat just like they do when they transport new ones. It's a great option for those who don't have any outdoor covering for their boat, and want to protect it. Just make sure the interior is nice and dry when you bring it to us. Basically, we use a white, thick sheet of plastic, that shrinks with our heat gun, sealing things up nicely.  Another popular reason for shrink wrapping is for transporting.

Q: How do I protect my boat during the summer?

A: The sun and elements can start to wear on your boat, upholstery, etc., prematurely. We recommend a good boat cover, or of course, a garage, or non-weeping shade tree when you are not using it.

Q: What about fuel additive?

A: Fuel issues - fuel lines, carb blockage, etc., are the number one issue we see. Even if you are running clear fuel, we recommend an additive to soften the harsh effects of ethanol. Every time, every tank. Your investment is worth it!!

Q: What are some of the most common problems you see?


A: 1. Forgetting to put the boat plug in. 2. Not firing off the engine before you leave on your excursion. 3. Not winterizing properly. 4. Not using fuel additive. 5. Not changing water pump-impellers as often as necessary (3 years or 300 hours) 6. Not running the fuel through at the end of your trip, which causes the carbs to get gummy. 7. Letting the fuel sit too long, which then causes it to break apart in particles and jam the fuel system. 8. Not changing the oil often enough. 9. Not using quality products (i.e., oil and gas). 10. Ignoring signs that something needs fixed.  11.  Not changing SPARK PLUGS often enough.  12.  Burned out fuses in the electrical system.

Q: What does the Marine Sheriff need to see on my boat?

A: Life jackets for every person on board, one throw cushion, a fire extinguisher if your boat is over 12 feet, and a whistle or sounding device.